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True IDC is the first and largest certified provider of AWS services partner in Thailand
that makes your journey to the cloud seamless

We offer full-scale AWS Cloud services from consulting to budget planning, as well as system maintenance.
We are experienced in planning solutions to meet every need, as well as planning strategies, design, installation,
and 24-hour system maintenance to make sure that all of our clients use our Cloud services to its full potential and worth.
We have received three certifications from AWS as its official partner, including Authorized Commercial Reseller,
Consulting Partner, and Advanced Technology Partner.



We provide consulting, checking, analyzing, assessing your system's structure, and designing a solution for you so you can use AWS to its fullest and most efficient capacity. Our services cover four main domains, namely
• Cloud Strategy - providing strategic planning to assess whether AWS is for you both in terms of providing you with the solutions you need and cost effectiveness. We'll analyze this through the TCO/Solution Assessment and Cloud Strategy Development Workshop and carry out a Cloud Strategy Program to educate your staff so they understand your Cloud strategy.
• Plan - design your Cloud Architecture according to your needs and present Best Practices as well as Cloud Migration Strategy and Planning so your Cloud migration has the least disruption on your business.
• Build - develop and install your solutions on AWS by our Professional Service team. We'll also provide Cloud COE Development to give professional training for your staff.
• Run - our Managed Service helps take care and support your work on AWS while the Cloud Application and Infrastructure Optimization will make sure your settings are most efficient and the Cloud Costing Optimization will keep costs as low as possible for you.

Hybrid Cloud

We provide advice on Hybrid Cloud usage, including usage of the Private Cloud and on premise activities, as well as Colocation and True IDC's Enterprise Cloud. We can help you migrate to AWS's Public Cloud for a seamless experience. We offer other Cloud services, such as Backup-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, and Load Balance-as-a-Service. These services make up the Hybrid Cloud's large-scale ecosystem that can be managed to meet any kind of need.

Professional Service

We provide installation and migration to the Cloud by a team of experienced personnel. Our team will strictly follow the process which has been approved by you to make sure there is the least disruption to your business and that it follows international standards. The process is as follow
• Deployment and Configuration
• Testing (Functional, Performance)
• Integration & Data Migration
• Audit and Performance Tuning
• Data Center Migration

Managed Services

We maintain and monitor our infrastructure and our networks with 24-hour security and internationally-certified personnel to make sure our systems run smoothly and efficiently. Our team also ensures that we are using suitable settings for AWS for the utmost efficiency. We can provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports on our systems' performance.


Select the best package to suit your need and your payment plan. We provide an invoicing service to facilitate your accounting. We also have a Portal to help with our reporting, including
• Billing Reports & Cost Monitoring: provide report, control usage, and alert you of the costs so you can better control your finances
• Utilization Report: report on your usage of AWS Services and allow you to check past usage
• Inventory Report/Cloud Asset Report: in-depth report on your usage of AWS Services and how and where you use the service for further analysis in the Cloud Asset Report
• Security Report: report on the security of the system and alert when it senses a threat, along with recommendations on how to fix the threat and how to prevent future threats.


We provide various AWS Cloud Training courses for those interested in learning how AWS works, starting from the basics to advanced usage. We can also provide Cloud Competency Development Program and Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) Development to further develop your staff, be it IT staff, Application staff, purchasing staff, or even related management staff. You can rest assure that your personnel will be equipped to manage AWS's Cloud and use it to improve your business and create new innovations for your company.

Direct Connect

We provide Direct Connect which is a direct link from True IDC to AWS's various services. Data is uploaded through a private link to AWS's data center in Singapore to go into the Cloud, ensuring security and a speed that is three times faster than the Internet.
Local Support
Cloud Computing Service
AWS Direct Connect
  • Success story by Kaidee

    This is where we're very pleased about our partnership
    with True IDC and how they help us to ensure
    that our users get the best experience possible.

    Mr. Tiwa York - Head Coach/CEO, Kaidee.
  • Success story by 2C2P

    With True IDC, we're working with them for 10 years.
    During this relationship.
    We have not seen that True IDC fail to us

    Mr. Myo Zaw - Chief Technology Officer, 2C2P
  • Success story by Digital Ventures

    This is where we're very pleased about our partnership
    with True IDC and how they help us to ensure
    that our users get the best experience possible.

    Mr. Suvicha Sudchai - Managing Director, Digital Ventures

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