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AWS Cloud Professional Service

Plan, Design, Install and Migration to Cloud by Experts.

Today's businesses have different methods of working and IT needs. True IDC has a clear understanding of how to tap into the full potential of AWS, in terms of planning, design, installation, and migration to the AWS Cloud. We will find you the best solution and advice you on the most suitable work process according to your organization's needs. Our experience with over 100 public and private large-scale organizations ensures that your organization will have the most efficient Cloud migration and usage.


AWS Cloud Migration

True IDC offers migration service to AWS Cloud according to the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF). Our extensive knowledge and experience has allowed us to put together the best practices and offer you the most in-depth advice and outstanding service for your Cloud usage.

Our framework has the following steps:

- AWS Infrastructure Planning & Designing phase
- AWS Infrastructure Migration phase
- Direct Connect cut-over to production
- AWS storage and backup solution
- AWS Access management
- AWS infrastructure monitoring solution implementation
- AWS system integration test
- AWS VPN Gateway implementation
-Solution Delivery Training


Our team of experts will help you come up with a Cloud strategy to enable the greatest efficiency in migrating from your current system to the Cloud.

Migration and Automation

Increase the efficiency and speed of the migration process to lower the risks associated with the installation of the new system.

Operational Integration

Allow your team to come up with new innovations at a faster pace with the DevOps technology. Speed up your organization's work from data collection to automated work processes, resource monitoring, and more.
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