Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service backs up the data on your server. You can choose to recover whichever data
you want without the need to install an agent.

Data recovery is available for both Physical Servers and Virtual Servers on the Cloud. Try our Backup as a Service which will help you recover data efficiently and in line with your business’s needs. Our Dashboard will show you the system’s efficiency and give you Real Time alerts on more than 200 issues.


  • Do away with the need to install Agents and register for licenses. Cut down on your costs and difficulties in finding and installing an Agent on the machine used for data backup.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing how you want your data to be recovered whether it is for Virtual Machine, Data File, Application, Database (SQL, Oracle), etc.
  • Remote Site accessibility is available and data will go through caching, deduplication, and compression to minimize the data size for faster and better replication across platform.
  • Lessen your worries about security as the backup data will be encrypted and will only be decrypted when data recovery occurs.