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Our Cloud Consulting Services team is ready to advice you and plan your costs with our experience in planning solutions to address every need. We are ready to help you plan, design, install, and maintain your system 24 hours so every organization can use the Cloud technology cost-efficiently and to its full potential. For Amazon Web Services, we as a partner have received three certifications, namely Authorized Commercial Reseller, Consulting Partner, and Advanced Technology Partner.


Cloud Consulting Service

True IDC can provide full-scale AWS services through four main domains, namely:
1. Strategy - advice on strategy to use AWS from assessing the cost efficiency of the solution and its costs to mapping out the strategy for migration to the Cloud
2. Plan - design solutions based on your needs and present the Best Practices, along with planning your Cloud migration for the least disruption to the business
3. Build - develop and install the AWS Cloud solutions according to the agreed upon plan
4. Run - maintain and support your usage of the AWS Cloud and help adjust the settings to enhance efficiency and cut down on costs as much as possible.
True IDC also provides Cloud Competency Development Program and Cloud CoE (Center of Excellence) Development to enhance the proficiency of your personnel, whether it is your IT staff, application staff, purchasing staff, or even related management staff, to make sure they can manage usage of the AWS Cloud and apply it for other usage or even create new innovations based on it.

Data Center Migration

One of True IDC's strengths is our One Stop Shop solutions, allowing you to select the services you want, such as data center, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and more. We also provide Direct Connect and Link Internet to the Cloud based on your needs so you can migrate your work to AWS's Public Cloud seamlessly. We also have Cloud Managed Service which offers Backup-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Load Balance-as-a-Service, and more. All of our services make up the Ecosystem of a large-scale Enterprise Hybrid Cloud system which allows our clients to manage every service according to your needs.

AWS Certifications

True IDC is Thailand's only provider to have received certification from AWS on as much as three aspects:
1. Authorized Commercial Reseller
We are an authorized commercial reseller of AWS in Thailand and this allows us to help plan your package and costs for the most efficiency and to suit your needs. More importantly, we can issue Thai tax invoices which will help cut down on problems with your tax payments in the future.
2. Consulting Partner
We offer consultation by our team of experienced engineers in designing the Cloud system, as well as other AWS services such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
3. Advanced Technology Partner
We offer other related AWS Cloud services such as Direct Connect, with is a special link to connect directly to AWS. This will provide a faster and more stable and secure connection to the Cloud than through the normal Internet connection.


True IDC's services have been guaranteed for its quality, stability, and security through five international certifications, namely:
- ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011: Information technology -- Service management
- ISO/IEC 27001:2013: Information technology -- Security techniques
- ISO 22301:2012: Societal security -- Business continuity management systems
- ISO 50001: Energy management
- CSA-STAR: Security of a Cloud Service Provider
You can be confident that as True IDC's client, your system and data will be securely managed for the seamless continuity of your business. Your risks associated with using technology to support your business will be greatly reduced.
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