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Our world-class data centers provide
a high-quality and full-scale colocation service.

True IDC's data centers offer colocation services where clients can install their own computers and servers on our premises as if you have your own data center. We will provide the needed electricity, air-conditioning, back-up power, and an advanced monitoring system to ensure the continuous and smooth running of your computers and servers. Your computers and servers will be placed on the largest network where data can easily be rerouted to find the fastest way to reach users. True IDC has up to four data centers that are designed according to Uptime standards and are Tier III certified. All our data centers have received as much as six certifications, including ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 50001, CSA STAR Cloud Security and PCI DSS.
Throughout our past 10+ years in this business, our client list spans to include as much as 500 large-scale organizations.


Key Locations

Our data centers are located in areas which are easily accessible and safe from natural disasters and possible unrest and have been designed to meet international standards. They include True IDC East Bangna, True IDC North Muangthong, True IDC Midtown Ratchada and True IDC Midtown Pattanakarn, as well as SUPERNAP, Asia's first Tier 4 Gold data center.

Unconstrained Linkage to the World

We can provide links to all domestic and international carrier providers with our carrier neutral policy. We also have a direct link to bandwidth providers, allowing for easy management of bandwidths.

Power Supply Which Meets International Standards

Our power supply system has been designed for continuous and uninterrupted usage with connections to 2 Metropolitan Electricity Authority's power plants that can supply up to 24,000 volts of electricity at 12 megawatts and both direct and alternating currents. We have our UPS power back-up and a generator at N+1 capacity at 16.2 megawatts that is constantly on standby to provide power if needed.

Automated and Efficient Air-Conditioning System

Our air-conditioning system has an automated temperature and humidity control to provide the most suitable environment for servers and equipment in our data centers. Air flows according to the Hot Aisle Containment System while the Water Cooling Technology is used for cooling down, the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) will regulate the coolant, and the Precision Air-Condition controls the temperature and humidity.

Reliable Fire Safety System

The fire safety system is another issue True IDC emphasizes for our data centers to make sure all systems are safe from fire. Any instances of flame will be detected real-time via our monitors which work in conjunction with the Very Early Detector Apparatus (VESDA) and High Sensitivity Smoke Detector (HSSD), allowing 1,000 times greater accuracy than any other fire detector systems. We use a CFC Free fire fighting system according to the international FM 200 and NOVEC standards which leaves no residue, is environmentally-friendly, and is safe for humans and for electronic equipment.

Strict Security System

To prevent access by unauthorized personnel, True IDC has put in place a strict security system in monitoring those who enter and exit the premises. They include a mandatory web-based registration for those needing access to the premises, an automated visitor pass system, a high-definition CCTV system that can monitor any movement throughout the premises both during the day and at night and can record and playback videos of the last three months, as well as 24-hour security guards.

Network Operation Center

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) is staffed by experienced personnel who will be monitoring all systems and all of our data centers' networks throughout 24 hours.
Uptime Institute Certified
ISO Certified
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