Disaster Recovery Workspace
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Disaster Recovery Workspace

Emergency Workspace to Make Sure Your Work Remains Uninterrupted

True IDC provides the option of wither a shared or private emergency workspace. We are experienced in constructing emergency workspace according to each client's specific demands and will provide all the amenities needed.


All That You Need for Your Work

Our emergency workspace comes equipped with all that you need to be able to work efficiently.
- Tables, chairs, and all office supplies for immediate use
- Internet link
- Back-up power generator and/or UPS
- Fire prevention system
- Security system including closed circuit cameras and invasion detection system

Network Connecitvity

Our emergency workspaces are equipped with network connectivity that will allow you continue to operate your business with ease and efficiency.

24-Hour Help and Advice

Organizations which require continuity despite total damage to their main system or their office can utilize True IDC's emergency workspace 24-hours a day. We are also ready to advice you and draft up an emergency back-up plan so your business does not suffer.
Business Continuity
24/7 Support
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