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High-Speed Network Link for Colocation

True IDC can link your network to any carrier provider in Thailand and abroad.
Our Carrier Neutral policy allows our clients to choose any network provider.
Our standard of excellence ensures you will receive the most efficient service
at the highest speed through our network which has the largest International bandwidth inThailand.


International Internet Gateway

We can provide links to International Internet Gateways (IIG) to send data from domestic network providers to international network providers. We have a backup system to support the system so you can be sure that your international data transmission is speedy and efficient.

Domestic Networks

We also provide links to the National Internet Exchange (NIX) of domestic high-speed network providers. True IDC can link you to all large network providers on mobile, Internet, or ISP in the country. You can be confident that you will be able to access domestic data speedily and efficiently.

AWS Direct Connect

We offer low latency and secure private network link from True IDC's data center to AWS to increase throughput for the network and ensure greater stability than an Internet connection.

Benefits of Direct Connect:
- Increase the speed for your AWS usage
- Increase security while using the network through a separate bandwidth with a private link
- low latency continue and connectivity while using the network and ensure continuous connectivity and usage
- Flexible and scalable bandwidth based on your dubet
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