Single Sign-on as a Service

Use several applications at the same time easily, conveniently, and safely with the Single Sign-On as a Service

The Single Sign-On as a Service is a user authentication system which allows users to access and use several applications all at once and helps cut down on the process and inconvenience in having to log-on several times, saving users time and speeding up the work.

Organizations nowadays require the usage of several applications at the same time and each log-in needs the input of the User name and Password for safety in accessing the data. Moreover, passwords have to be changed constantly, adding to the inconvenience employees face in accessing the system. The Single Sign-On as a Service is the perfect solution to this inconvenience as it will allow employees to access every application through just one log-in. The service supports all platforms, be it PCs, notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. Organizations will not be compromising on their security requirements but employees will receive much added convenience with this service.


  1. The Single Sign-On as a Service is a ready-to-use service from True IDC, which offers a full-scale service, from design to linking all operations under this service.
  2. Employees can enjoy added convenience and access their organization’s data and applications speedily.
  3. Costs are affordable as they can be charged on a monthly basis and according to actual usage.
  4. We have staff on hand to offer consultation and after-sales service 24 hours.