VDO Conference as a Service
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VDO Conference as a Service

Long-Distance Video Conference with HD Quality

We provide long-distance video conference that sends video and audio of participants in different locations in High Definition (HD) quality to make you feel as though you are all in the same room. The service requires minimal bandwidth that is available through the Internet or 3G/4G networks. Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted video conferences anytime, anywhere for over 100 participants at once.


VDO Conference & Webcast

Try our video conference and webcast service that can transmit both video, audio, and multimedia files for over 100 participants at once without any time limit. Video and audio are transmitted at 1080P HD clarity with a compression of H.264 Hi-profile which requires a bandwidth of only 256K. The service also supports live Webcast to more than 100 locations.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Devices

Whether your are in your office or on the go, participants can participate in a meeting conveniently through any device, be it a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet which supports iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile. Never miss any meeting no matter where you are and save time and money from having to travel to attend meetings.

Live Chat & File Sharing

Take part in a public chat with all meeting participants or do a private chat with certain participants to increase efficiency and allow for easy communication. You can also share presented files to participants' screens.

VDO Recorder

Record any meeting or any webcast.


Set the limit for each participant in the meeting, such as turning off the microphone, turning off the camera, invite to leave the meeting, allow a live broadcast, lock the meeting room, or end the meeting.

Meeting Room

Connect to the web-based system to book and manage meeting rooms so you can book meeting rooms to arrange your meetings more conveniently.
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