Database Solution by Couchbase

Manage database with high efficiency, anywhere and anytime.

Couchbase is an award-winning memory-first, distributed NoSQL database that can be deployed anywhere, on any device and run on any cloud chosen by Fortune 100 companies and large enterprise customers around the world including Paypal, Pepsico, UPS, Amadeus, GE and many more. 

With our unmatched versatility and performance, Couchbase is the original multipurpose, multi-model NoSQL database designed for large enterprise use cases with the ability to scale linearly to hundreds of nodes and handle many data access patterns at once: key-value, JSON document, search, time series, analytics, eventing, and SQL query.

Key Hightlights

  • One database solution for modern application requirements: Unlike specialized databases that are built for a specific purpose, Couchbase combines top capabilities that are commonly required for developing enterprise-grade applications that need large-scale deployment. 
  • Start with SQL skills: Most NoSQL doesn’t use SQL but with Couchbase’s SQL+++, developer experience is improved by turning SQL’s widely used standard into a querying tool for JSON. 
  • Couchbase Mobile: Developers are enabled to embed data processing directly into an application with Couchbase Lite, and to synchronize data from the cloud to the edge and between devices even without an internet connection, delivering an always-fast and always-on user experience. Couchbase Mobile supports deploying A.I. at the edge and Vector Search on Mobile devices including POS Machine, Sensor Devices, Tablets, Smart watches, IoT devices, Smart bracelets and so forth.
  • Uninterrupted access to data at the edge: Couchbase Mobile supports offline app experience at the edge regardless of internet connectivity to provide reliable user experiences and 100% business uptime.
  • 24 x 365 Uptime: Managing database is hard. Let us do it for you. Scale to millions of users with 24 x 365 uptime with our hosted Capella DBaaS on the cloud of your choice among Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, or host your own Couchbase Server BYOL model on any infrastructure

Use cases

  • A.I. at the edge: Built A.I. embedded mobile applications
  • Offline Mobile Apps & Edge computing: Streamline data management from the edge to cloud or on-prem
  • Internet of Things: Achieve zero-ETL big data processing derived from the physical world
  • Unified data view: Real-time 360° view of your organizational data from multiple sources in one place
  • Personalization: Personalize app experience that increases revenue by positioning the right products to the right audience at the right time in real-time 
  • Catalog: Track and manage your catalog content in one place 
  • Content Management with in-built cache: Create smart content search experience that lets users find content fast with our in-built caching and real-time queries
  • Gaming: Manage player profiles and scoring real-time without any interruption 
  • Payment: Move data across the payment cycle securely from core banking application to digital banking applications and 3rd party payment gateways
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