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Multi-site Network Fabric

A highly effective network fabric that supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, allowing VXLAN-based tunnel deployment to extend VLANs across any geographic boundary from a single point of management.

It has never been an easy task for IT, with all the manual processes needed to scale up networking resources while the data centers still operate as islands.  To address such a pain point, True IDC provides a “Multi-site Network Fabric” service to enable your IT department to work at speed by  unifying a multisite data center into a single network fabric.  This way enterprises can become more agile and can enjoy using any type of True IDC services and connectivity at the data center location which is most convenient to them.  

Key Highlights

  • Each data center operates with its own Software-defined Network (SDN) to establish service continuity and maximize availability. 
  • Eliminate boundaries between data centers by enabling the seamless sharing of resources and facilitate expansion with workload across the fabric enabling access to resources in any location.
  • Reduce latency of communication between Data Centers to only 1-2 milliseconds. 
  • Supports Direct Connect service (connecting to Public Clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google Cloud Platform directly) and Internet Exchange (IX) from any Data Center of True IDC without having to be at the main service location. 
  • Allows all resources to appear as if they exist within the same local infrastructure in the event of failure, workload can be backup and recovery in any location.


  • Able to utilize Data Center network service with SLA up to 99.982%
  • Able to reduce costs by up to 80%
  • Improved time-to-service:  Allow to Cross-Connect between True IDC data centers within 3 days
  • A team of experts available for consultations, examinations, problem analysis, system infrastructure assessments, design, installation, and 24/7 managed service. 

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