Multi-Cloud Suite

The solution and set up of a comprehensive Multi-Cloud system which enhances the independence to choose the best solution and to reduce complexities in managing a Multi-Cloud system.

The Multi-Cloud Suite solution helps to manage Public Cloud and Private Cloud in which clients can enjoy the mix use of cloud services from leading service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud and other cloud systems through one single service provider. This simplifies installation and application systems on multi-cloud as well as monitoring cloud usage.

Key Highlights

The Multi-Cloud Suite of True IDC comprises:
  • A variety of Multi-Cloud tools such as:
    • Containerized Platform for application development ready to use both on-premises and on cloud of any service provider based on the CI/CD development process.
    • Multi-Cloud Management Platform used to manage Multi-Cloud, which helps to setup application systems on cloud of a many service providers, traffic management on Multi-Cloud, conducting High Availability, Backup, and Disaster Recovery, as well as monitoring Multi-Cloud usage.
    • Multi-Cloud Security & Compliance service helps monitor cloud systems by checking the status of Multi-Cloud based on standards and various criteria like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST, as well as offering advice and guidance on practices to comply with standards and regulations.
  • Consulting Service – offers consultation, audits, analysis, infrastructure assessment, as well as system design by experienced experts who are adept in leveraging the strengths of each cloud.
  • Professional Service – installation and system migration to cloud services according to international standard process and 24/7 monitoring system by a team of experts.
  • Multi-Cloud Managed Service – enhances the efficiency of cloud systems with additional services like Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Load Balance as a Service, Firewall as a Service, Storage as a Service, etc.
  • Cloud Services – Local Public Cloud services for companies like Huawei Cloud and Tencent Cloud, and international ones like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Private Cloud services and Enterprise Cloud services that connects networks directly to services to enhance security and speed of data transfer that is 3 times faster than the internet.
  • Billing Service & Optimization – This service helps cost planning and billed payments whereby system administrators can evaluate usage and costs to enhance Multi-Cloud usage efficiently and cost-effectively. The administrator can also check on the status of systems at every step on their own, whether its inventory, billing, optimization, or task automation.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS additional service – IT Infrastructure integration from VMware to AWS allowing companies to migrate work between systems without having to set up new application systems as in required in the past.


  • Assistance to simplify installation and setup of application systems on a variety of cloud platforms.
  • Enables monitoring of all cloud systems, whether it’s Private Cloud or Public Cloud, by any service provider from a central unit, reducing the burden on IT system administrators and application developers.
  • Increase flexibility, reduce IT monopolization, increasing the efficiency and resiliency of cloud systems.
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