Google Cloud Platform

Overcome all limitations project development, application development, or other services to meet the needs of your organization quickly via technology of Google Cloud Platform.

Highly efficient infrastructure services and network services of Google on cloud including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS with containerized capabilities make it suitable for organizations focusing on project development and application development with speed and with plans to enhance for data management via Data Analytics and Machine Learning on Google Cloud with high efficiency. 

Key Highlights

  • Google Compute Engine – Virtual Machine service in Google’s Data Center to connect with networks efficiently and Block Storage data storage system that allows you to adjust settings, enhancing flexibility to suit your work at high efficiency. Several types of VM are already available including custom-based VM and Preemptible VM (short term instance) which allows your organization to save cost. Sustained Use Discount is also available for continued use or even Commitment Use Discount. 
  • Google App Engine - create applications that can expand functions from minimum to maximum capacity via a server-less platform system, which eliminates the complexity of infrastructure management. 
  • Google Cloud Storage – data storage on highly stable cloud in the form of object storage which can be expanded to support data up to Exabyte without a minimum usage requirement. A simple turn-key start from any storage class of your choice such as hot access, backup & archives, and DR. Storage can be integrated into your application via unified API which allows your organization to manage cost and efficiency easily.
  • Cloud SQL – this services helps you to manage your database system comprehensively including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server, because Cloud SQL works with applications that utilizes any database systems. It also supports data backup, data simulation, and automatic error management to ensure that your database is reliable, functional, and flexible to meet the needs of your organization. 
  • Google Kubernetes Engine – a corporate platform that supports containerized applications that works in both stateful and stateless environments, utilizing AI and ML, both on Linux and Windows, as well as the functions of Web Application, API, and backend systems, both simple and complex which allows you to adjust processing via GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), and TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) appropriately. Google Kubernetes Engine also supports multi-cluster functions in the form of SRE (Site Reliability Engineering). 
  • BigQuery – Serverless on Google Cloud for Data Warehousing and Data Analytics up to Petabytes, utilizing Query in the form of SQL query, which offers speed to results at high efficiency. 


  • Secure with comprehensive features, supports organizational-level functions
  • Immediate start, fast, and has a free-tier for trial use without any charges if usage does not exceed the allowable size
  • Supports automation efficiently
  • Reliable efficiency that meets long-term cost management
  • Easy for project development from prototype to production, and supports scaling without concerns for infrastructure
  • Developed as Open Source and can be integrated with other open-source systems very well
  • Supports scaling functionalities efficiently and quickly 

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