Alibaba Cloud

A global cloud computing and artificial intelligence leader, providing services to thousands of enterprises, developers, and governments organizations in more than 200 countries and regions.

Alibaba Cloud, established in 2009, offers an array of cloud computing services, including computing, network infrastructure, data storage, security, and application services.

Alibaba Cloud's main advantage lies in its scalability, allowing businesses to adjust their cloud resources based on their changing needs. This flexibility helps businesses to adapt to unpredictable market conditions. Additionally, Alibaba Cloud provides services such as load balancing, auto-scaling, and elastic computing to aid businesses in managing their cloud resources effectively.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud stands out for its support for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, offering AI and machine learning services such as speech and image recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. By offering these services, businesses can integrate AI and machine learning into their applications and services, giving them an advantage in their industries.

In the Gartner Solution Scorecard 2021, Alibaba Cloud won 4 first-place votes out of 9 scoring service categories: computing, storage, network, and security. 

Key Highlights

  • Retail Business: For several years, Alibaba has successfully operated a very large volume of e-commerce transactions in the 11.11 festival with its own Cloud infrastructure, Platform, and Software Solutions. This ensures Alibaba Cloud will help enable your digital retail transformation, accelerate your business growth, and enhance your customer journey experiences through effective omnichannel solutions. 
  • Media: Alibaba Cloud’s total media solutions digitalizes and deliver your entire media journey to the worldwide media market. With Alibaba’s key service CDN (Content Delivery Network) which consists of 2,800 PoP nodes around the world, will help deliver your content from the nearest node located in your user location. CDN will help accelerate the response to user requests and increase the response rate, which is suitable for site acceleration, on-demand streaming and live streaming.
  • Fintech: With a robust infrastructure platform, AI technologies and data analytics services, Alibaba Cloud helps financial institutions, from multi-finance groups to FinTech, in terms of digital transformation. It enables these financial institutions to run workloads on the cloud with lower latency, higher scalability, and ability to analyze complex data set as well as present the data with a professional dashboard view. This brings greater customer satisfaction. 
  • Self-built Telco: Help digitalize your business and expand it to the cloud. It builds your comprehensive digital enterprise workspace with self-built telco IT capabilities on super apps, to simplify and modernize daily operations.


  • Go China : Alibaba Cloud tailored networking solution helps connect your multiple offices and branches between Mainland China and other regions.
  • Security : Alibaba Cloud’s compliance program includes a comprehensive range of certifications, worldwide attestation reports, and its commitment to data protection by using WAF, Anti DDoS, IDaaS, and Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection to serve upcoming PDPA in Thailand.

Alibaba Cloud Services

1. Content Delivery Network

Nowadays, we are in the modern era driven by 5G technology which global media consumption rate is increasing rapidly. As a result, the competition in online services and improving customer satisfaction are increasing as well. In order to improve your services and make it stand out amongst your competitors, True IDC proudly presents Alibaba Cloud CDN that brings your content closer to your customers.

With the Global Infrastructure standard from Alibaba Cloud, the CDN solution is a group of servers in geographically dispersed locations (edge locations) to cache copies of content close to end users with over 2,800 PoPs. This solution enhances your business to be more competitive with faster response time to the website, video/audio-on-demand, documents, photos, videos, live streaming, game streaming, API acceleration, and enterprise office application.

(Credit: Alibaba Cloud)

CDN services

CDN – General (Static) content

This solution is suitable for Static Websites that comprises of general information with infrequent updates, but are constantly processed, such as company data, products data, images data, and video files.

DCDN – Static Content + Dynamic content

This solution is suitable for Dynamic websites that requires fast response in the transaction between an application and end users, such as product search, add-to-cart data, user login and registration, as well as the other transactions on e-commerce platforms, including:

  • Promotion and campaign such as 11.11, Discount, Buy 1 get 1 Free.
  • Flight reservation or accommodation reservation during the high seasons, as well as concert ticket reservation.
  • Online payment such as online games top-up, membership cards top-up, and other payments transactions.
  • Real-time products update which allows users from around the world to see the real-time update.
  • E-wallet whose balance can be deducted immediately after purchase. 

SDCDN – Static Content + Dynamic content + Security

This solution is suitable for Dynamic Websites which need security features to prevent themselves from DDoS attack or other attacks from their competitors. It will not allow those attacks to access the websites easily. Otherwise, you will not be able to run the business smoothly. Therefore, this solution should be applied in the transactions such as  

  • Financial transaction in banking business
  • Stock trading
  • Online gaming, streaming
  • Buying and selling on E-commerce platforms

2. Data Visualization (DataV)

Alibaba Cloud DataV is a powerful and accessible data visualization tool showing in the form of 2D and 3D that enables businesses to interpret data and understand relationships, patterns, and trends quickly with the ability to collect, and analyze data effectively, it is crucial for businesses to gain insights and make informed decisions. DataV is a strong tool in which big dataset is generated at an unprecedented rate that can help businesses of all sizes build a competitive advantage and bring the business to the next level. Alibaba Cloud DataV offers a range of key features and benefits that can help businesses in several ways. 

  • The live dashboards and real-time monitoring tools enable businesses to present and monitor their data simultaneously. This data-driven approach enables early warnings and rapid response, driving business growth with data. 
  • The live presentation of multi-dimensional data allows businesses to discover the value of data and not miss any opportunities. 
  • The easy-to-use interface and simple visual configuration widgets allow businesses to create professional visualizations with limited programming skills.

Alibaba Cloud DataV has been used in several industries to provide powerful data visualizations. 

  • Smart factories, DataV can be used to provide a full representation of the production parameters in each phase of the factory. This system collects work data of each production line or workshop to a centralized control center to implement production control. This project gives managers insight into operations of each production phase, minimizes potential errors in production procedures, and provides a graphical interface to facilitate remote monitoring and management.
  • The Qin Cheng Li smart shopping mall uses Alibaba Cloud DataV to show real-time statistics about the shopping mall that is accurate to the second. The statistics include the total number of visitors, number of visitors on each floor, proportions of male and female visitors, number of vehicles, sales of each store, and environment data. This visualization project provides the management personnel with a comprehensive overview of areas, stores, time-specific actions, and even the popularity of various commodities among consumers in the shopping mall. Multi-dimensional data is presented live and in a user-friendly method, allowing management personnel to make, adjust, and implement operations and management plans in a simple and efficient way.
  • In a school district analysis, Alibaba Cloud DataV can be used to display rankings and the number of schools in each district based on the distribution of primary and secondary schools. It also displays the prices and sales volumes of real estate assets of each school district. The project presents the data in a clear and graphical manner, which provides a user-friendly reference for both the real estate industry and people who want to purchase real estate assets in school districts.

Alibaba Cloud DataV provides three editions for public cloud users offering various features and capabilities that cater to the specific needs of businesses.

  • Basic Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Professional Edition

More information:

3. PolarDB

PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database service. It is designed to provide high performance, scalability, and reliability for demanding workloads. PolarDB is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, which means it supports their syntax, protocols, and data types. Below is highlighted performance of PolarDB.

  • Performance: PolarDB utilizes a shared-nothing architecture, where data is distributed across multiple nodes. This architecture allows for horizontal scaling and improves read and write performance. It also supports auto-scaling, which means the system can automatically adjust resources based on workload demands.
  • Scalability: With PolarDB, you can easily scale your database resources up or down as needed. It supports both read and write scaling, allowing you to handle high traffic loads and heavy workloads effectively. You can add or remove nodes without interrupting service, ensuring high availability.
  • High Availability: PolarDB ensures high availability through automated backup and disaster recovery mechanisms. It creates multiple copies of data across different nodes and automatically synchronizes changes to maintain data consistency. In case of a node failure, PolarDB automatically switches to a standby node to minimize downtime.
  • Compatibility: PolarDB is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, which means you can migrate your existing applications seamlessly to the PolarDB platform. It supports most of the features and functions provided by MySQL and PostgreSQL, including transactions and stored procedures.
  • Security: PolarDB provides robust security features to protect your data. It supports Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network isolation, encryption at rest, and SSL encryption for data transmission. Additionally, it offers various authentication mechanisms and fine-grained access control to manage user privileges effectively.

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