True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS)

The container service for new-gen developers that is fast, powerful, cost-effective, and affordable.

Efficiently manage applications across all environments while improving infrastructure and reducing IT costs with True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS). The service meets the needs of startup of all levels, especially in the content delivery industry.

True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS) will enhance the management of enterprise applications more conveniently by creating a virtual environment of the operating system, users can define various system resources as needed. It can develop and manage applications in any environment, such as private data center, public Clouds, personal laptops, or even hybrid Cloud systems. TKS is especially suitable for businesses in the content delivery, video conferencing, and video streaming industries as it can improve the quality of organization's IT infrastructure, leading to cost reductions and savings in operating time.

Key Highlights

  • It is a stable, lightweight container runtime that can be deployed freely for cloud and local applications.
  • Help develop and manage applications in containers easily without any concern for infrastructure. It also fosters efficiency and speed of IT system. 
  • Modernize your IT infrastructure with a scalable containers application management platform that provides flexibility and cost-efficiency.
  • Ability to separate applications to run on the shared operating system and target software resources to create maximum platform compatibility and save business operating time.
  • Provide application management platform on hybrid cloud solution where organizations can take advantage of both on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructure.
  • Capable of managing applications that are structured in micro-services. This allows organizations to manage applications as a group of independent sub-services that cross-work. Leading to easier maintenance and updates, support for autoscaling, accelerated system expansion in the future.


  • Meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, especially in the content/VDO delivery industry and also covers the telecommunication, retail, banking and financial businesses.
  • High flexibility to quickly adjust workloads to align with corporate strategy.
  • Reduce application development time and application release to the market.
  • Can be developed into a prototype solution to further support enterprise Cloud, on-premises or other platforms.
  • Help businesses to recover and operate as normal when emergencies arise such as power outages, etc.

Any organization looking for efficient application management, the TKS service is right for you. Getting started with a manual here.

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