Data Center - Thailand

Colocation Service

Our world-class data centers provide a high-quality and full-scale colocation service.

True IDC's data centers offer colocation services where clients can install their own computers and servers on our premises as if you have your own data center. We will provide the needed electricity, air-conditioning, back-up power, and an advanced monitoring system to ensure the continuous and smooth running of your computers and servers. Your computers and servers will be placed on the largest network where data can easily be rerouted to find the fastest way to reach users. True IDC has up to four data centers that are designed according to Uptime standards and are Tier III certified. Our data centers have received as much as six certifications, including ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 50001, CSA STAR Cloud Security, ISO 27799 and PCI DSS.

Throughout our past 10+ years in this business, our client list spans to include as much as 500 large-scale organizations.

  • True IDC East Bangna
  • True IDC East Bangna Campus

    • The latest 8-acre stand-alone data center of True IDC covering east business districts 
    • Operated with Uptime Tier 3; Design Facilities, Operations
    • And available for power extension up to 35MW
    • Secured with 10 security layers 
    • Support rackspace up to 47U
    • Provide a disaster recovery office to serve business continuity
    • Natural-disaster-free 
  • True IDC North Muangthong
  • True IDC North Muangthong

    • The largest data center of True IDC covering north business districts and government centers  
    • Powered with 2 electricity sub-stations and available for power extension up to 40MW from double sources
    • Carrier-neutral with 4 diverse connectivity routes
    • Operated with complete 2N Facilities Standard 
    • Provide a disaster recovery office to serve business continuity
    • Available for Internet Exchange with most numbers of local and international bandwidth
    • Natural-disaster-free 
  • True IDC Midtown Ratchada
  • True IDC Midtown Ratchada

    • Locate in central business district, convenient transportation with MRT subway  
    • Cover technology and digital business area 
    • Operated with N+1 to 2N Facilities Standard 
    • Natural-disaster-free 
  • True IDC Midtown Pattanakarn
  • True IDC Midtown Pattanakarn

    • Cover business district near the heart of Bangkok 
    • Available for connections with all large network
    • Powered with 2 electricity sub-stations
    • Operated with N+1 Facilities Standard
    • Connect to Multi-site Network Fabric
    • Natural-disaster-free 
Data Center - Thailand

Network Service

High-Speed Network Link for Colocation

True IDC can link your network to any carrier provider in Thailand and abroad. Our Carrier Neutral policy allows our clients to choose any network provider. Our standard of excellence ensures you will receive the most efficient service at the highest speed through our network which has the largest International bandwidth in Thailand.

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