Cloud Billing Service

True IDC Cloud Billing Service helps customer on billing needs to allow corporates to plan their spending and utilize their Multi-Cloud service most efficiently.

Clients can monitor each step of the process by themselves, be it inventory, billing/invoice, optimization, or task automation from different cloud services; Amazon Web Services, Google, Huawei, Microsoft Azure, Tencent and VMware on AWS 

Key Highlights

  • Billing Reports & Cost Monitoring: provide report, control usage, and alert you of the costs so you can better control your finances
  • Utilization Report: report on your usage and allow you to check past usage 
  • Inventory Report/Cloud Asset Report: in-depth report on your usage and how and where you use the service for further analysis in the Cloud Asset Report
  • Optimization Report: showing opportunity for cost and solution optimization to reduce the existing cloud usage cost and also provides suggestion to the cloud solution in every aspect


  • Using invoice payment for the cloud bills instead of credit card
  • Billing support with local Thai support engineer for the complex and detail usage
  • Understand and manage cloud billing plan with insight information on the billing platform (additional)
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