Domestic Public Cloud service that can work flexibly, safely, and with high efficiency and low latency. All data is locally stored in the country.

High-performance cloud that not only comes with basic services like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, but also offers a complete range of solutions including Containerization, Artificial Intelligence and 5G and Distributed Cloud. As it is domestically located in country, it allows public and private organizations including insurance businesses, financial businesses, and telecommunications businesses to fully comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).


  • Low latency via local internet networks
  • Helps to facilitate the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act easily as all data is stored in Thailand.
  • Helps to manage Kubernetes Clusters between regions or between cloud service providers, as well as being able to migrate Kubernetes from one cloud service provider to another service provider
  • Helps craft payment plans and offers a bill payment system, as well as having a system in which customers can check and monitor status by themselves
  • Comes with a team of experts for consultations, evaluation, problem analysis, infrastructure system assessment, installation, and maintenance 24x7.

Containerized Solution

Offers a variety of services such as Cloud Container Engine (CCE), Cloud Container Instance (CCI) and Cloud Container Platform (MCP). This solution is able to support Kubernetes applications and tools, and supports usage on different cloud systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Offers AI services for both Core AI and Data Analytics such as AI Data Inference, AI Data Training, Image Processing, Knowledge Computing and Autonomous Driving Training, which stands out as an AI-Enabled Infrastructure. This means there is a CPU architecture designed to enhance work efficiency especially what is called “Ascend”, whereby computation speed is many times faster than x86 CPU. In addition, Huawei Cloud’s AI services also support Thai language and the usage of this service is increasingly adopted.

5G and Distributed Cloud

The computation of AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, and others on the Edge Cloud without sending data back to the main cloud, which helps to reduce latency. The main obstacle of an application that requires processing or interactions with users real-time such as automated driving systems or game systems.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration solution provides a comprehensive approach to cloud migration that ensures a smooth transition to the cloud including assessment, planning, implementation, testing, optimization, and after-migration support.

True IDC offers Huawei Hosted Connection service that allows organizations to connect directly from their private network to HUAWEI CLOUD both domestically and internationally. quickly and conveniently

True IDC is the first and only HUAWEI CLOUD highest-level strategic partner in Thailand. Skills and abilities are guaranteed by being certified by SCC (Service Capability Certified) in the field of Cloud Migration. Need a consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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