Additional Information About Cookies

1. What are cookies?

Cookies refer to HTTP Cookies, which are groups of files with short texts that are downloaded from the web server to be stored on your web browser of the computer or mobile device such as smartphones or tablets. They are returned to the server every time the web browser requests for data. The data in the cookies enable the server to remember the usage status of the web browser to the server. The cookies do not cause any harm to any computer or mobile device. The content in cookies can be called for viewing or reading via the websites that created the cookies.

2. Benefits of cookies

Cookies will tell you which part of the website you visited, to collect historical data on website visits, as well as offer the user experience that the user truly wants, helping you to be able to access the website continuously. In addition, the record of the first website settings via cookies will help you access the website via values set, except for when cookies are deleted, which would require reconfiguration to recover the cookies.

3. Cookie Usage

True International Data Center Co., Ltd. (TRUE IDC) utilizes cookies on its website ( Therefore, any browsers that you use to access the Company’s website will receive a cookie to be stored on your computer or mobile device to store data about usage behavior and historical logs, data or services of interest. This includes reference numbers of your most recent access which is analyzed to develop services, display content or ads, and to promote activities that are appropriate for services and user interests. However, the Company will utilize cookies under the details included in the personal data protection policy, which you can find more information at

4. How to Turn Off Cookies

You can turn off cookies by changing your browser settings under the menu related to privacy settings, to terminate data collection via cookies in the future (details can be found at However, some services on the Company’s website requires the use of cookies. If you turn off the use of cookies, you may not be able to use some functions or all functions of the service so seamlessly.