Tencent Cloud

Domestic Public Cloud that enhances the capabilities of government agencies, financial institutions, as well as corporate clients which need to store data in line with the national policy.

Cloud system services together with various solutions that are secure, reliable, highly efficient, and is located locally stands out as a solution that complies with the policies of various businesses that need to store data locally such as government agencies, financial institutions, media and content service providers, and corporate clients, especially in furthering the depth of solutions for each business. 

Key Highlights

  • AI Face Recognition – the facial recognition system that was developed based on deep learning technology, together with the ability to search, detect, analyze, and compare facial position and movements, and to verify that face with high accuracy. The system has been applied in identification processes of various businesses such as e-KYC registration of banking and financial businesses, facial scanners to unlock doors of various organizations requiring high access security such as airports and security agencies. 
  • Content Delivery Network – This service connects networks with high efficiency to business databases in the form of cache nodes, in which each node will store your business data. Once data is called upon, this service will send data from the nearest node (edge node) to reduce data transfer time duration (latency), and to support the continuity of services and speed and effectiveness. There are more than 1,100 nodes dedicated to this service in China and more than 200 nodes across 50 countries around the world. In addition, you can also manage the domain and monitor data real-time easily. 


  • Secure, reliable, highly efficient, and located in Thailand, which meet the needs of organizations that need to store data locally. 
  • Capable of advanced solution customization, giving clients the advantage of selecting the most suitable solution to their problem.  
  • Cloud system and network system across 45 regions across 5 continents around the world, which comes with the ability to protect networks, detect threats, and plug loopholes. 
  • Controls ecosystems of social media, mobile payment, and online entertainment venues. 
  • Able to control the work and other cloud systems via ‘Multi-cloud’ service, which enhances the flexibility and reduces the problem of technological monopoly. 
  • Helps craft payment plans and offers a bill payment system, as well as having a system in which customers can check and monitor status by themselves
  • A team of experts for consultations, evaluation, problem analysis, infrastructure system assessment, installation, and maintenance 24x7.
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