True IDC reveals plans for success Becoming a leader in Cloud and Data Center markets

15 Jan 2018

True Internet Data Center (True IDC) a leading of Data Center and Cloud in Thailand Received the 2018 Thailand Data Center Service Provider of the Year and the 2018 Thailand Cloud Service Provider of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan; a global marketing consultancy and research company. Due to True IDC has an excellent performance and recognition and able to generate significant revenue growth with various strategies including with end-to-end services or carrier-neutral networking.

At this moment, True IDC is the only company in Thailand that has won the Data Center and Cloud Service Provider from Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards for 2 areas in the same year.

Prepare to penetrate the Data Center and Cloud market in Thailand since 2014.

True IDC started planning to become the leader of Data Center and Cloud market since 2014 by creating 3 years strategic plan (2014 - 2017). At that time, Thailand already have many Data Center service providers while Cloud Computing technology has just started. However, True IDC estimates that Cloud Computing technology will enter Thailand in the next 6 - 9 months. Decided to invest in the network for cloud services to support the needs of customers in the future

Moreover, True IDC also estimates that Cloud Computing technology will change the business of every industries in the future. Therefore, only Infrastructure service is not enough to respond to customers’ digital transformation. For this reason, True IDC launches the ‘One Stop Shop’, which provides complete IT solutions based on the digital support experience of the companies within the group. IDC understands the customer's business and have best practices for each industry

Data Center must provide the latest technology and customers get the most benefit

For the reason that True IDC has been awarded the Best Data Center Service Provider by Frost & Sullivan for 6 consecutive years because True IDC is able to provide customers with full efficiency and complete service operations. True IDC expands the Data Center every year to cover the needs of customers. Every time the data center is expanded, True IDC will choose to use the latest technology at that time to ensure that customers receive the best service for their needs, which may increase in the future.

Currently, True IDC has a total of 4 Data Centers including with True IDC-North, Muang Thong Center supporting Northern Bangkok, True IDC-Midtown Ratchada and True IDC-Midtown. Developing services in the heart of Bangkok and the latest True IDC - East Bangna Center which is focus on the eastern Bangkok area. With the distinctive feature of connecting all 4 Data Centers together as a central platform to enable customers to manage all resources within the Data Center as if there was only one large Data Center

Partnership with top Cloud service provider partners with international standard

For cloud services, True IDC has partnered with 3 major cloud service providers included Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. True IDC has won the Best Cloud Service Provider award from Frost & Sullivan due to the continuously growing operating results in particular. Especially, AWS service which True IDC ranks No. 1 in Thailand and No. 3 in Southeast Asia. That show the capability of True IDC on Cloud services.

In the present, True IDC continues to develop technology by launching the Hybrid Cloud service for customers to freely move the system from the Data Center to Cloud or Cloud back to the Data Center. To increase the flexibility of the service and for customers to choose to use Infrastructure That is the most worthwhile investment.

The next 3 years goal is to remain the leader of Data Center and Cloud

As for the strategic plan for the next 3 years (2018 - 2020), True IDC still has the same target, which is to dominate the data center and cloud market leadership, but the situation of the market in Thailand has changed. In 2014, True IDC strives to educate and drive various industries turn to use Cloud.

But now Thailand is considered one of the countries that have made Cloud Adoption quite fast and widespread cause there are a lot of Cloud technology service providers. Therefore, the competition will not be the issue with who has technology to support the Cloud system but will be the competition of expertise and solutions offered to customers. To create value for the service and make the client's company outperform other competitors.

True IDC is also preparing for aggressive marketing by getting involved with various departments and businesses. Especially banking, insurance businesses and government agencies such as there was a talk with the Insurance Commission (OIC) regarding the issues of requirements and regulations. In order to be informed of the movement and direction of various industries makes it possible to give advice to clients on all issues and can provide the most suitable solution for customers while the customer can plan and decide to use the service faster.