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Let Us Manage Your IT Equipment and Leave You Free to Run Your Business

True IDC offers IT equipment management service to suit every individual client's needs. Our team of professionals along with our data centers, cloud services, network services and manage services can help lessen your IT hassle through our Managed Services which helps you manage your IT equipment so you can be free to run your business.


Managed Facility Solutions

We can build, maintain, and manage your data center if you need a private one. True IDC can design and build your data center according to your specifications and placed on our data center's infrastructure. Our experienced professionals will carry out the needed work based on ISO safety standards.

Managed Network Solutions

We can design and build your network and your safety system according to your specifications. Our internationally-certified team can design and provide links to both internal and external networks.

Managed Server Solutions

We can design, build, and prepare a Private Cloud within your organization using physical servers and/or virtual machines and provide large-scale storage.

Managed E-Mail Solutions

We can provide e-mail servers for your organization and procure the appropriate equipment and software according to your needs. We can also install antivirus, anti-spam, and firewall to secure your e-mail system. Our team of experts will make sure your system runs smoothly, securely, and stably.

Managed AWS Cloud Solutions

Our internationally-certified team of experts will maintain and monitor the infrastructure and your network on AWS to make sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. They will make adjustments to the setting to answer to all your needs so you can experience the best and least costly usage. We'll provide a daily, weekly, and monthly report of the system for your perusal.
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