True IDC has become the first partner in Thailand to earn the AWS Migration Competency.

13 Jun 2023

True IDC, a leading data center and cloud service provider, has announced its latest achievement in providing AWS services with AWS Migration Competency. This certification demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering outstanding cloud system migration solutions and expertise to corporate clients.

Mr. Kelly Walker, Chief Technology Officer, stated, "We are excited to be the first to achieve the AWS Migration Competency. This certification solidifies our expertise in cloud migration and emphasizes our dedication to helping our customers smoothly transition to AWS cloud systems. With this success, we can enhance our capabilities in delivering efficient, secure, and cost-effective cloud migration solutions to businesses of all sizes."

To be the first in Thailand to achieve the AWS Migration Competency, True IDC had to undergo a rigorous evaluation process that assessed technical capabilities, data migration abilities, backed up by customer success stories. This certification focuses on five key areas, including:

1. Discovery, Planning, and Recommendation: Demonstrate excellence in assessing and understanding the existing IT landscape of businesses, able to identify dependencies, and formulate comprehensive migration plans. This involves analyzing workloads and creating road maps that align with the 7 Rs strategy (Retire, Retain, Rehost, Relocate, Repurchase, Replatform, Refactor, or Re-architect) for successful migrations.

2. Business Case Analysis: Possess expertise in analyzing the business case and total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with a migration while offering diverse solution designs that allow customers to make informed decisions and select plans that align with their business needs.

3. Application Mobility: Have experts available to assist with application migration, ensuring appropriate preparation of the environment on AWS, as well as utilizing modern migration methods to ensure the smoothest possible migration process.

4. Data Mobility: Since database migration is a crucial part of cloud system migrations, service providers must demonstrate expertise in database migration. This includes migrating homogeneous and heterogeneous databases, schema conversion, data synchronization, and ensuring data integrity throughout the process.

5. Application Monitoring and Orchestration: After the data migration is completed, the service provider must focus on post-migration operations to ensure that the migrated workloads are optimized for performance, security, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, they provide support and monitoring while continuously recommending strategies for fine-tuning usage to fully leverage the potential of AWS for the enterprise's benefit.

In summary, AWS Migration Competency plays a crucial role in reducing complexity and accelerating data migration to cloud systems for businesses. By selecting a certified service provider, organizations gain access to a skilled group of experts who can provide guidance on the intricate aspects of cloud migration, ensuring a successful and smooth transition to AWS. This is particularly beneficial for migrating diverse workloads, ranging from small applications to large-scale enterprise infrastructures. Businesses can reduce downtime, increase operational efficiency, enhance security, and save costs significantly.