True IDC – Thailand’s First and Only Data Center Service Provider to Receive Uptime’s TCOS Certification

04 Feb 2019

Following the launch of True IDC’s new data center, “True IDC – East Bangna,” which was designed and constructed according to TCDD and TCCF standards of Uptime Institute, in less than a year, True IDC – East Bangna has received TCOS certification from Uptime Institute. This makes it the first and only data center service provider in Thailand and Indochina to be certified by Uptime Institute in all 3 standards.

“As an organization, True IDC has been dedicated in working hard to upgrade Thai data centers to international standards. We emphasize on improving our services’ efficiency to meet global standards. Our latest recognition is being the first and only Thai data center service provider to receive certification from Uptime Institute for all 3 standards which covers design, construction, and operation. This, along with our state-of-the-art technology, enables our data centers to provide a one-stop service to meet every need,” said Khun Chai Suttasa, True IDC’s Head of Standards and Compliance.

World Class Data Center with Over 15 Years of Experience

True IDC’s mission is to “push forth businesses in the digital era with our full-scale data center and Cloud services,” and to achieve this mission, we work hard to make sure our data centers are most advanced and qualified to serve all needs in this era of digital economy. Our strategy of upholding our data centers and services to international standards will continue to be our main focus.

With over 15 years of experience in offering data center services, True IDC knows and understands the needs of businesses in every industry. This has allowed us to be able to continuously improve our data center, Cloud, and ICT services, thus propelling us to become a leader in the market, as guaranteed by the 2018 “Best Data Center Service Provider in Thailand” and the “Best Cloud Service Provider in Thailand” awards from Frost & Sullivan.

First and Only Thai Data Center Service Provider to Receive All 3 Uptime Institute Standards

To develop True IDC – East Bangna, our newest data center addition, into a qualified and internationally-acclaimed data center, True IDC has adhered to the global standards established by Uptime Institute. We have kept in mind the 3 important facets of our business-advanced technology, safety and security, and credibility-from the design phase on to construction and operation to make sure we are offering the best services for our customers. Our hard work has paid off with the achievement of all 3 standards’ certification from Uptime Institute. They are:

  • Tier III Certification of Design Documents (TCDD): Certification of data center design in terms of engineering and architecture (certified in February 2017)
  • Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF): Certification of data center construction which abided by the engineering and architectural design (certified in August 2017)
  • Tier III Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS): Certification of the operation of the data center’s staff for the utmost efficiency (certified in December 2018)

Quality Guaranteed with Tier III Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS) 

True IDC – East Bangna was assessed in over 100 categories before receiving the Tier III Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS), making it Thailand and Indochina’s only data center to be awarded this certification from Uptime Institute. This would not have been possible without development in 3 key areas which are:

  1. Increasing the efficiency of work processes and documentation from systems checks to equipment maintenance and addressing problems
  2. Developing data center personnel in terms of educating them on operations according to international standards, providing training, and constantly monitoring their work
  3. Improving all processes through reports, analysis, planning, risk management, etc.

Developing People, Process, and Technology to Maximize Availability

Khun Chai shared that constructing a data center which is up to date and can respond to the needs of everyone in this digital era is not just utilizing the most advanced technology but also includes the development of people and processes simultaneously. True IDC constantly provides training sessions for management and staff and sets clear work processes for all employees. We also carry out simulation exercises to practice various scenarios according to Uptime’s TCOS standards so we can be confident that the staff at our data center can carry out their duties speedily and efficiently without affecting our customers’ businesses and to ensure that we maximize availability for everyone.

“After we’ve completed the design and construction of our data center according to the standards set out by Uptime Institute, we’ve implemented TCOS standards in our operation and maintenance to make sure that our operations cannot be affected so our customers can conduct their business 24/7 without any disruptions,” Khun Chai added.

Implementing Operations Procedure of Other Standards

True IDC’s other data centers have also introduced operations procedure of other global standards. True IDC – North Muangthong has just recently achieved the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 3.2 certification which is the latest information technology safety standard for organizations which manage credit and debit card payments. Moreover, the data center is preparing to expand by another 1,000 racks and will be adopting the operational procedures of other standards equivalent to the ISO and Uptime into its current processes to improve its quality and offer new alternatives for customers.

 “Achieving certifications help guarantee the quality of our data centers and boosts our customers’ confidence in our service. True IDC is opened to studying all operation procedures as established by different global standards and we will apply them to the process being used in each of our data centers so we can give our customers the best service and quality,” Khun Chai concluded.

If you are interested in True IDC’s data center and Cloud services, please contact us for more information at [email protected] or call us at 02-494 -8300.