True IDC and BBIX announces the establishment of a Joint Venture to enable Thailand in becoming A World Class Internet Exchange Hub of ASEAN

14 Aug 2018

True Internet Data Center Co., Ltd. (“True IDC”), a leading full-service data center and cloud service provider in Thailand, and BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”), the fastest growing Internet Exchange Service Provider under SoftBank Corp. in Japan announced the establishment of a joint venture.

The joint venture’s name will be BBIX (Thailand) Limited (“BBIX Thailand”), which aims to provide carrier neutral and low latency Internet Exchange peering services that will serve both domestic and international enterprises.

Supparat Sivapetchranat Singhara Na Ayutthaya, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer, True IDC said: “Over the last 3 years, Thailand has made significant progress in delivering world class standards in connectivity, data centers and cloud services to drive Thailand towards a competitive digital economy.  It is now time to take Thailand’s digital economy to the next level by setting up a world class Internet Exchange peering capability that will result in lower latency connectivity, which has become vital due to increase adoption of data analytics and artificial intelligence use cases by enterprises.  BBIX is Asia’s fastest growing Internet Exchange in Asia and I am confident that this joint venture will result in leveling up Thailand’s digital economy.”

Keiichi Makizono, President and CEO of BBIX said: “Thailand’s digital economy is now on the rise, but the Internet Exchange services currently available are obviously far from their full potential. BBIX has experienced over 50 times of traffic in the past five years through its fabric. From our experience as an Internet Exchange service provider in Japan where traffic is rapidly increasing, we have a strong impression that the internet sector of Thailand still has a lot of room and potential to grow, and thus we decided to establish a joint venture with True IDC, which is a leading full‐service data center and cloud service provider in Thailand. The establishment with True IDC is to provide Internet Exchange centers and services with BBIX’s internationally recognized technology, operated and delivered by its 15‐ year experience in the business field. We believe that BBIX Thailand will be the best Internet Exchange service provider in Thailand.”

As a joint venture between two IT behemoths from Thailand and Japan, BBIX Thailand operates with three major objectives; simplicity, low latency, and low cost. The method is to shift from Internet Service Provider (ISP) centric interconnection to an equal-footing based peering world with BBIX Thailand’s Internet Exchange Platform using cutting-edge technology, allowing better facilitation of the internet traffic, reduced costs for users, faster and more convenient exchanges of content and media. Considering that Thailand has a location advantage being located in the heart of the region, BBIX also has a plan to expand services across the region, starting from neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.