True IDC Launches Regional Command Center to Usher in New Era of Managed Services

18 Jul 2019

True IDC upgrades its Managed Services to another level with the launch of the Regional Command Center which brings the control, operation, and surveillance centers of the 5 True IDC Data Centers under one roof. This helps cut down communication time and enhances efficiency and speed in analyzing the source of problems, allowing lesser time and focus spent on information technology maintenance and more time and focus on the customer’s business.

Launch of Full-Scale Command Center to Manage and Monitor Data Centers

Each data center usually has its own Network Operation Center (NOC) to monitor problems related to the infrastructure of the Data Center, such as the electricity or air-conditioning systems as well as the network connection to the outside. Nowadays, data centers also have a Security Operation Center (SOC) to monitor and warn of security risks to customers. The two centers are usually not connected so monitoring and solving problems which occur may be delayed.

USE CASE: Command Center Enhances Internal Incident Management

To seamlessly coordinate the NOC, SOC, and other related units both internally and between each data center, True IDC has launched the Regional Command Center to manage all 5 data centers, namely North Muang Thong, Midtown Pattanakarn, Midtown Ratchada, East Bangna, and Myanmar under one roof. This Command Center is considered the heart of True IDC Data Center because apart from being manned by experts in all fields, be it network engineering and network safety and security, 24/7 through an advanced monitoring and warning system, customers can also report any issues directly to the Command Center so the experts can analyze the problem and solve it in one go.

The Command Center has been designed for 2 main objectives:

  1. Be the center in controlling, monitoring, and managing the NOC, SOC, and other units of True IDC’s domestic and international data centers and
  2. Be the center in monitoring Managed Services to manage customers’ IT system.

Managed Services to Lessen Your IT Responsibilities

The Command Center manages customers’ IT system, both for the data center and Cloud services, via the full-scale Managed Services. Services include analyzing customers’ business needs, proposing IT solutions to fit the needs, design and installation of the system, development of the system for the utmost efficiency, and monitoring and maintaining the IT system through our team of experienced engineers. This will lessen the IT responsibility and burden for the customer and allow the customer to digitalize their business easily and worry-free.

True IDC’s Managed Services encompasses the 5 Pentagons:

  1. Customer Support – Provide help for customers when notified of problem, coordinate with related parties, and facilitate customer where needed
  2. Facilities Management – Provide amenities in the data center such as electricity and air-conditioning as well as the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DSIM) which is a monitoring of the facilities through 3D graphics
  3. System Management – Monitor the server and the Cloud service installed in the data center as well as Public Cloud such as AWS, Azure, Huawei, Tencent, and Google Cloud Platform
  4. Network Management – Monitor the network and connection such as the Internet and MPLS and monitor the customer’s internal network
  5. Security Management – Provide a security system to detect and deal with any cyber risks such as DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall

USE CASE: Dynamic Management of Resources for the Online Streaming Business

The key infrastructure behind the success of the Online Streaming business is having enough resources and bandwidth for clients in every situation. Having enough resources is important for this business but it requires a huge amount of investment and may not be worthwhile under normal circumstances when not all resources are fully utilized. However, the opposite of having just enough resources during normal circumstances and running short during special events such as the launch of new marketing campaigns or new promotions may be too inflexible to respond to the increasing demand during that specific timeframe.

True IDC’s Managed Services provides flexibility in managing resources. Apart from having enough resources and bandwidth for normal circumstances, True IDC can provide customers with needed IT solutions when additional resources are needed to address increasing demand from special events be it more bandwidth, load balancing, or more servers to increase computing powers. True IDC can respond automatically to any additional needs and our team of experts will monitor and maintain the IT system throughout the period to make sure the customer’s resources are utilized to their full capabilities all the time which will help conserve time and money than by the customer tackling the issue themselves.

Heart of Command Center – Centralized, Proactive, and Managed Services

“From our 16 years of experience in managing data centers and Cloud service, we’ve learned all about the strengths and issues which need monitoring to build a Command Center which meets international standards, provides an efficient monitoring and management, and meets customers’ every needs. We are confident that we can bring our management of customers’ IT systems to a higher level to meet the fast-changing digital landscape,” (Nakarapol Nipatsant, Head of Product, True IDC)

If you are interested in the Command Center and Managed Services of True IDC, please contact us at [email protected] or 02-980-6611 for more information or to schedule a visit of our facilities.