Containerized Solution for BFSI

The complete IT architecture solution designed for financial institutes; securities, insurance and banks.

Our containerized solution is developed in complete architecture and designed to align with demands of financial institutes; securities, insurance, banks. We additionally offer consulting service, design service, and implementation service by professional experts.

Key Highlights

  • Containerized Platform (Kubernetes, ECS, EKS) - The complete IT infrastructure including Self-healing, HA, DC/DR and FT delivered in various forms of on-premise, local cloud, public cloud or hybrid solution. Our containerized platform is developed from well-known technology like Kubernetes, AWS EKS, ECS.
  • Containerized Platform with E2E Operation Readiness - Designed to have absolute operational process that aligns with centralized logging, proactive monitoring and issue preventive solution.
  • Containerized Security Readiness - Developed to support IT security for various business demands especially BFSI services. It complies with security standards for containerized platform, IT Infrastructure and cloud.
  • Containerized with Software Delivery Pipeline - Provides CI/CD process to support software development and to offer full platform benefits to customers. Also, it allows customers to participate in process design to aligns with their required software delivery methodology.
  • Microservice Architect - We offer consulting and design service for IT solutions in microservice architecture which is able to be integrated with containerized platform and CI/CD Pipeline for software delivery pipeline.
  • Direct Connect - We design and implement Direct Connect to connect with different types of IT infrastructure namely on-premise, local cloud, public cloud, or hybrid solution like single or full redundancy connectivity.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) - We design and implement VPN to connect with IT Infrastructure and provide consulting service in cost efficiency of related equipment.


  • Specially-designed for financial and banking institutes
  • Flexible and scalable resource consumption that aligns with business strategy
  • Can be developed as a prototype solution for further use on Enterprise Cloud, on-premise or other platforms
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