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Security as a Service - DDoS Protection

Raise the level of security for your organization by scanning for attacks real-time and receiving 24-hour expert consultant service.

Services include scanning, monitoring, limiting, and mitigating attaches in the form of Distributed Denial-of-Service or DDoS via internet 24 hours a day via services in the form of DDoS Local Scrubbing Center and Cloud-based DDoS protection which can handle large scale attacks.

Key Highlights

  • Monitoring service center established locally with high-speed data transfer as data do not need to be transferred overseas to eliminate attacks.
  • Manage attacks of up to 140 Gbps with devices that can be expanded up to 560 Gbps to prepare for attacks in the form of DOS/DDoS from layer 3 (network) to layer 4 (transport), DNS protocol, and DOS attacks of other kinds.
  • Create clean pipes to send cleansed bandwidth to customer servers automatically
  • Prevent external attacks from the internet and prevent attacks sent from outside of the organization
  • Block connections of malware callbacks and communication in the form of C&C
  • Thresholds are adjusted to align with security policies automatically
  • Always-on Protection service to prevent attacks 24 hours a day
  • Services are provided via Anycast Network with more than 200 nodes offering DDoS protection service scattered across the globe. Nodes are situated at data centers worldwide, allowing attacks on data from various locations to be eliminated quickly in the country where the attack was conducted from
  • Analysis system for Bots or Crawlers which can threaten websites. The service blocks user access immediately, which protects your organization’s websites at all times
  • Supports company websites whether they are on-premise, SaaS, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud


  • Protects client’s businesses to ensure smooth operations during DDoS attacks
  • Web application firewall services to enhance security of your organization’s website
  • Experts on security to help monitor and manage systems professionally
  • 24/7 monitoring service
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