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ISV On-boarding Program

Expand your software services to the global cloud market with confidence by offering it as a Software as a Service (SaaS)

To support software manufacturers to successfully expand their services to the Cloud, True IDC is introducing the ISV On-boarding Program, which offers consultation and advice on the process by our team of experts. We are also ready to support software manufacturers in developing their products and add value by offering them as part of Software as a Service.

Our consultation covers the following 4 issues:

1. Solution Assessment

We offer assessment of the manufacturer’s software products and can review the products’ readiness to be offered as a Service, their value, their risks, and the investment needed. We can also come up with a roadmap and offer advice on the process to enable the manufacturer to expand services to the Cloud in the form of Software as a Service.

2. Cloud Architecture Design Support

True IDC is equipped with a team of Cloud engineers and experts to offer advice to software manufacturers and help restructure and review their Cloud network design to support the offering of their products as Software as a Service. The team can also recommend products and technologies to ensure that the manufacturer’s software products can run most efficiently on the Cloud at a more inexpensive cost.

3. Migration Support

We also offer advice and recommendation on migrating the software system and transferring data from the Data Center to the Cloud. We can help check the validity of the data which has been transferred and conduct tests to make sure that the software products, which have been migrated to the Cloud, are working without a hitch.

4. AWS Business Support-led

We can help software manufacturers upgrade their AWS support status from Basic or Developer to Business without any additional costs. Manufacturers will be able to seek help from the AWS team 24×7 and access certain supportive data which is not available for the Basic and Developer status. True IDC’s support team will also be on hand to closely monitor and follow up on open cases.


Pricing is subject to customer requirements. 

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