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True IDC Connect

The secure, stable and private direct connection service for all businesses

The True IDC Connect service creates a seamless connection between on-premises or local cloud IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers. Support multi-region of public clouds; AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud, allows you to experience more stable and lower latency network than a general connection via public internet or VPN.  

Key Highlights

  • Bandwidth capacity up to 10Gbps with fully protected connection from Thailand to Singapore, and additional 1 Gbps to Hong Kong
  • Full network support redundancy with Disaster recovery (DR) solutions available from 2 world-class data center locations (True IDC – North Muangthong and True IDC – East Bangna)
  • Support hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and disaster recovery solutions with multiple connections to regional and global services.

True IDC Value-Added Service

  • Design end-to-end cloud or hybrid network solutions 
  • Provide cloud & network consultant that aligns with configuration requirements of each cloud
  • One-stop service for Interconnectivity
  • Managed network service is included
  • Monitoring & support 24/7


  • Enable business expansion into new market areas
  • No need for complex  setup and configuration
  • Freely create and operate workloads on a seamless multi-region network
  • Directly connect to multi-region Availability Zones (AZ) without re-routing back to Thailand
  • Able to request bandwidth burst for specific period (*Pay-per-use model for additional bandwidth)

Pricing Model/ Package

  • Prices vary depending on bandwidth consumption and cloud connectivity solutions
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