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True IDC Cloud Managed Service is a specialized cloud system management service provided by True IDC. It addresses the challenges arising from lacking IT skills among local human resources and empowers your business. If your organization faces issues such as limited IT personnel resources, the need for continuous learning and updates regarding cloud technology, SLA commitment, cost optimization for cloud usage, efficient and secure cloud management adhering to industry standards, as well as recommendations to prevent data breaches and various forms of data theft, True IDC Cloud Managed Service is the solution for you.

The comprehensive range of services covered.*

1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) management: This includes provisioning, deletion, modification, and customization of various configurations to meet your specific cloud usage requirements and also encompasses data backup.

2. Installation of proactive monitoring systems: We configure alerts and monitoring systems to promptly detect and respond to various scenarios. The alert system will promptly notify any abnormal incidents using the AWS CloudWatch system.

3. Assistance in resolving unexpected incidents (Incident Support): We provide support through emails and private portals.

4. Monthly reports: Our reports summarize ticket activities, provide details on the root causes of incidents, and offer recommended solutions for issue resolution.

Our service is suitable for organizations of all types, particularly:

1. Medium-sized businesses or SMEs: These organizations often face limitations in IT resources and incur high continuous training expenses. By utilizing our service, they can enhance their business capabilities without the need for additional investments.

2. Enterprise business: Our service reduces the IT team's workload in daily operations, enabling them to focus on developing other systems that enhance efficiency and increase the business's competitive advantage.

3. Organizations with IT limitations: We ensure operational efficiency, security, and monitoring capabilities without requiring additional investments so they can efficiently manage their cloud systems.

True IDC Cloud Managed Service offers 5 options* to cater to diverse needs. Our service includes technical consulting, assistance in resolving unexpected incidents, on-demand support, monthly reporting, data backup for processing systems, support from the AWS team, patching for processing systems, monthly usage evaluations by expert teams, cost optimization recommendations, and bilingual (Thai and English) consulting services

*Terms and conditions of the services will depend on the package you choose.

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