Enterprise Cloud

The Enterprise Cloud enables enterprises to grow their business with scalable and secure computing power that is hosted within a certified data center facility within the country.

The local cloud for organizations offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through the Virtual Machine technology. The Enterprise Cloud provides flexibility and scalability in increase computing power with ease responding to your business needs.

Key Highlights

  • The Enterprise Cloud service is a Virtual Server service that is available as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). True IDC has selected the VMWare technology for this service, allowing for changes in the management of computing and storage in just minutes to increase flexibility for users and respond to changing needs almost immediately. Users can apply this for different types of work, such as building websites, email, or applications which can help cut down on the time needed for users to complete their work.
  • True IDC's Enterprise Cloud can be used with True Internet's private network to connect clients' site to our Enterprise Cloud so you can be confident that your data will remain confidential.
  • True IDC provides world-class data center and server management as is reflected by the awarding of the CSA Star Certificate on security for cloud services. We have over five years of experience in providing cloud infrastructure services, making us the leader in providing professional cloud services.
  • The Enterprise Cloud can be setup for failover capability between True IDC’s multiple data center locations.
  • Benefits

    • Pay only for what you use. Cut down on your CAPEX or investments in hardware and pay only service fees so you can better manage your costs.
    • The Enterprise cloud can be customized on a project basis to be setup as a single tenant architecture to ensure direct allocation of computing power that is suitable for your business.
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