Hardware Care Services from True IDC: The Final Answer to All Your IT Maintenance Needs (Get FREE Expert Consultation Now!)

19 Aug 2019

Hardware Care is a quality service offered by True IDC Regional Command Center, the One-Stop Shop to address all IT problems; request supporting, fixing, sourcing and replacing spare parts for IT equipment such as server, storage, network, firewall, and other equipment at the Co-location data centers of True IDC; as well as systematically monitor customers’ asset changes by our professional and qualified Managed Service team 24/7.


  • We support the maintenance of various models of IT equipment from leading hardware brands.
  • Once a problem is detected, our team will search for spare parts to replace the faulty equipment. If the equipment is obsolete, it will be replaced with an alternative model which is compatible to function with other parts.
  • The True IDC Regional Command Center team of professionals is on standby 24 hours to address your IT issues and we guarantee a 4-hour response time.
  • We offer the service to check and maintain all equipment as per our contract every year to ensure its operation. Our team will make recommendations accordingly in the case that the equipment needs replacement.


  • Lessen the hassle and time needed for customers to have to contact multiple service providers or sales representatives of each equipment brand when problems occur.
  • We offer on-site service where our team of professionals will replace the faulty part at the data center so customers do not have to travel to our premises.
  • Our service fee covers all replacement equipment without the need for additional charges.

Interested in our service?

  • Email us at [email protected] with a list of the IT equipment you need and contact details of the individuals involved.
  • Our sales team will assess the list and send back our quotation.
  • Customers will receive the service contract after submitting their purchase order.
  • We will start our service according to the service contract.